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About Us

25.01.2006, 0:06

Ulla, Reijo ja Helke

We are Ulla Frejman and Reijo Karlsson and we live in a small village called Koskö which belongs to the county of Mustasaari. Koskö is located about 16 km from Vaasa.

We have been breeding black giant schnauzers since 1982  and we had also some breeding of pepper&salt giants for about 10 years but now we have give this difficult work over to new enthusiastic breeders. Our last black giant litter was born 2008.

We got our first Dandie Dinmont Terrier 1990 and the first litter was born 1992 and since that we have been in love with this personal and rare breed.

Our latest challenge are the lovely breeds Boston Terrier and French bulldog.

Some cavalier king charles spaniel litters have also earlierbeen born in our kennel.

Our goal is to breed typical, healthy and good natured dogs. Naturally, we also are members in our breeds Breed Associations, in the Finnish Kennel Club and SUKOKA (The Finnish Dog Breeders Association).

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